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Ciabatta loaded with Bacon, Mozzarella & Apricots


  • 16 Rashers Unsmoked Streaky Bacon
  • 1 Stonebaked Ciabatta (250-300g), cut in half lengthways
  • 1 Buffalo Mozzarella (125g drained weight)
  • 12 Apricots
  • Handful Baby Leaf Salad
  • Honey (to drizzle)
  • Olive Oil (to drizzle)


  1. Cut the apricots in half and remove the stones, place on an ovenable tray flat side upwards, drizzle with honey and place in the oven gas 6, fan 180C for 15-20 minutes until nicely golden in colour

  2. Place bacon under a moderate grill and cook until golden in colour, slightly crisp edges

  3. Meanwhile drizzle the ciabatta with oil and toast gently

  4. To assemble: Place baby leaf on top of the ciabatta, top each half with 8 rashers of bacon, roasted apricots and gently tear the buffalo mozzarella and share between both pieces of ciabatta. Cut each piece in half and serve.